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Artificial Sperm Reinvented

Do you really know that the world isn’t flat? C’mon, tell the truth. In fact, debate raged on whether the earth is flat or spherical from the 8th century BC well into the second millennium (1520) AD, well over 2000 years! Magellan and scientific proof ended up nailing the truth. In the mystical words of […]

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Cycling Toward Childlessness?

She looks at me earnestly, searching for approval and says: “I’ve made sure that he stopped bicycling as I have read that it’s bad for his fertility, right?” Not so fast. Saddle Sore There is hard data to suggest that bicycling long enough can impair erections, especially if the saddle results in pelvic numbness. But fertility? Not the […]

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Men Are (Really Quite) Complicated

He stared back at me, his face blank. He didn’t like my answer. We had examined the known genetic causes of azoospermia and had come up dry. “I really don’t know why you’re azoospermic, but I’d say it’s still very likely to be genetic, but currently undefined.” Not much to work with, but it’s where we are at […]

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Pregnancy after a VasectomyPregnancy after a Vasectomy

If you’ve had a vasectomy, you might not consider your chances of having a baby to be particularly high. However, thanks to huge advances in fertility treatment–namely PESA, TESE and ICSI–the route to fatherhood is much more achievable than it was during the mid-1990’s. A vasectomy is a permanent form of contraception for men which […]

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