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holiday bluesAvoid the Holiday Blues This Season

The six weeks encompassing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s—collectively called “the holidays”—are for most, a magically unique time of year. But for many, the holidays bring hurt. Caused by factors including the weather, separation, death, stress, unrealistic expectations, hyper-sentimentality, guilt, or overspending, holiday depression—also called the “holiday blues”—can zap the merriment out of even the […]

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daylight savings increases depression riskDaylight Savings Time: Big Deal or Nothing Special?

Most people don’t think too much about daylight savings time. Sure, when it kicks in (usually in March), we grouse about losing an hour of precious sleep. But within a day or two, life goes back to normal. And when it ends (usually in November), we love the extra hour of sleep. But after a […]

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Depression, Springsteen, and Me: On Moods and Madness

I recently read an article, “Why Bruce Springsteen’s Depression Revelation Matters” and it reminded me how important it is for well-known people to talk about their own mental illness and mental health. In Springsteen’s recently released book, Born to Run, the rock legend talks about his long history of depression and how he has dealt […]

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When Being Number One Is Bad News

It’s no secret that guilt plays havoc with our health. People who feel guilty for extended periods of time are, on average, more depressed, more anxious, more stressed, and have a weaker immune system than those who go through life without the guilt. They’re also more likely to engage in risky, destructive behavior, including self-medicating […]

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How to Help Men Live LongerHow to Help Men Live Longer

He was desperate, despondent and depressed. Both his life and marriage were falling apart, literally unraveling right in front of him. He mustered the strength to reach out and seek help. And he was cured of his disease. Sounds like the “C” word, eh? Nope, he was cured of the “I” word: Infertility.

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