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color affects food choicesHow Color Can Affect The Food We Eat

At a recent visit to a chain restaurant, I noticed that the description of each menu item included information about calories and fat. I immediately lost my appetite, but eventually relented and ordered a salad. On the way out, I asked the manager whether the new nutritional information had changed what customers were ordering. “Not […]

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hair loss solutionsHair Loss Prevention Tips For Men

Over the past decade or so, science has made amazing strides in improving our well-being. It wasn’t all that long ago, for example, that people thought that meditation was done only by fringe, religious fanatics from Asia. Today, many researchers see meditation as a miracle because of its substantial benefits, including reducing stress, depression, and […]

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A Day of Action against High Blood PressureA Day of Action against High Blood Pressure

Today is a Day of Action for high blood pressure awareness – one of many problematic heart conditions. It’s a condition where your body pumps blood too hard throughout the body. People can have high blood pressure for many different reasons, which makes treatment and prevention unique for everyone. It’s important to visit a doctor […]

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Treating Kidney StonesTreating Kidney Stones

Chances are you or someone you know has had a kidney stone at some point in their life; they are very common, affecting approximately one in ten people throughout their lifetime. The risk of kidney stones is higher in the United States than the rest of the world and this number has only been increasing over the past […]

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no more clean plate clubTime to Clean Out the Clean Plate Club

Whether we’re buying a new car or a bagel and a cup of coffee, it’s human nature to want to get the best deal. That’s probably why we have a tendency to eat everything that’s put in front of us. Twenty years ago, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing–you could probably have cleaned your plate […]

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