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east meets west diet chinese medicineDiet: Where East Meets (and Greets) West

I grew up practicing Western medicine. However, I now teach Eastern Medicine. For years, I thought these were two utterly and diabolically opposed camps. But now I know they’re not. Vive La Difference For sure, there are fundamental differences between Eastern and Western medicine. Western medicine is based on deductive reasoning or “top-down” logic in which assumed general truths lead to specific conclusions. […]

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risks of gluten-free dietFive Risks of a Gluten-Free Diet You Should Know About

Health care experts once thought gluten was associated only with celiac disease and wheat allergies. In recent years, gluten or wheat sensitivity has been recognized as a problem linked to the gluten in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten-free diets have become very popular. However, there are health risks that come with excluding gluten from your […]

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You are what you eatYou (And Your Kids) Are What You Eat

This Father’s Day I want you to think a little differently. As the love pours in from the family, or the family to be, give something back this year. There’s new meaning out there to being the best man (and father) you can be. And that involves taking great care of yourself. Not only are […]

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color affects food choicesHow Color Can Affect The Food We Eat

At a recent visit to a chain restaurant, I noticed that the description of each menu item included information about calories and fat. I immediately lost my appetite, but eventually relented and ordered a salad. On the way out, I asked the manager whether the new nutritional information had changed what customers were ordering. “Not […]

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hair loss solutionsHair Loss Prevention Tips For Men

Over the past decade or so, science has made amazing strides in improving our well-being. It wasn’t all that long ago, for example, that people thought that meditation was done only by fringe, religious fanatics from Asia. Today, many researchers see meditation as a miracle because of its substantial benefits, including reducing stress, depression, and […]

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