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Does the Good Wood Have Ears?

“You know, Doc, there are times when I lose my erection…just like that. It happens when I’m really stressed out. It’s like the penis has ears or something!” Say it aint so! Can the penis really “hear” stress and go flat because of it? The Good Wood This reminds me of another scenario in which the […]

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penile injectionEdex: Penile Injection Therapy

Edex is a penile injection that is used to treat erectile dysfunction caused by conditions affecting nerves, blood vessels, emotions, and/or a combination of factors. It causes an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse in over 80% of men with erectile dysfunction, regardless of their age or the cause of their problem. Edex is an […]

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Tips For Men To Improve Sexual Function

Do you feel like your sexual function could use a boost? Fortunately, there are a number of ways men can enhance their sexual performance. This could be to either improve existing problems or find new ways to keep their partner happy. The good news is this can be done without the use of prescription medications […]

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Testosterone, Sex and You

How many times have you heard “enough is enough.” After you’ve told too many silly jokes? As a kid insisting on ice cream on a hot summer afternoon? Well, it may also be true for how the male hormone testosterone works on your body. More Is Not More But there’s also a corollary: “more is […]

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Are We Less Fertile Today?

How big was your family a couple of generations ago? Dial things back a half a century and you’d see that having 3 or 4 kids was pretty much average in America. Now, having 2 kids or fewer is the norm. What happened? Are we less fertile? I know what you’re thinking: so what if modern […]

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