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diabetes and eye healthEye Health and Diabetes: What Every Diabetic Should Know

Millions of people today suffer from diabetes. If you are one of them, you probably know about its effects on different parts of your body. But, did you know that diabetes poses a major threat to your eye health as well? Read to know more about the different types of eye disorders that diabetics are […]

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Keep your eyes as the prize

My eyesight is about as bad as a dog’s. Glasses are probably the most important piece of property I own. Without them, the world is just a hazy blur of colors and sounds. Back in college, one of my favorite ways to relax was taking off my glasses during the walk to class. It’s the […]

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vision healthSimple Habits for Men to Maintain Their Eye Health

You work out at the gym, eat healthy and always take your vitamins to stay healthy. You may think you are doing enough, but chances are you aren’t paying enough attention to your eyes. To protect your eyes, include these simple habits in your routine: Unplug From Your Screens Are you constantly on your computer […]

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men's health - head to toeHead to Toe Health: Tips To Get You In Top Shape

With pool season here, everyone is talking exercise. Beyond looking good in a swimsuit, while you’re getting your heart rate up, you’re doing much more for your body than you know. From the brain to the eyes, skin, heart, lungs, stomach, joints and more, exercise has big benefits for almost every part of you.

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Protect Your Eyes: Celebrate Healthy Vision Month this May!

Did you know an estimated 61 million Americans are at high risk for serious vision loss? Or that every 13 seconds, someone in the United States goes to the hospital for a sports-related injury? Our eyes are not always top of mind, but they’re important! May is Healthy Vision Month, an observance coordinated by the […]

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