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not a bad dadNot Bad Dad, Not Bad at All

It sent chills up my spine. I was smack in the middle of vasectomy reversal microsurgery when my surgical technician sitting opposite me blatted out: “Did you know my Dad just died?” I stopped what I was doing, looked around the operating microscope between us, and said “Really?” He said: ”No lie, drug overdose…age 53.” I […]

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communicationFatherhood Starts Before It Begins — Really

Dear Mr. Dad: My first baby is due in a few months, but I’m going to miss the birth. I’ve been out of work for more than a year and just landed a great job. The problem is that I need to go to across the country for a six-week training that starts on my […]

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IVF embryoLife After IVF

Truth be told. No fairy tales here. Gotta believe that biology always wins. I was reminded of this as Kevin Richardson, the Backstreet Boys star of our movie If I Could Tell You, recently revealed his own infertility journey. Given his great performance in the film, it’s no surprise he came into it guns loaded with emotional ammo. Sex […]

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The Good Side of Bad News

Not sure about you, but I like to see the good in the bad. By focusing on the flipside of adversity, I get stronger instead of weaker. Hey, I’m the first one to fess up to the unpleasant, abominable and awful, but there’s gotta be a way to make silk…or something…out of a sow’s ear. […]

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Take a Moment and Picture Your Fertility

How do you solve tough problems? Maybe you pick at them until they’re gone. Maybe you dance around them until they’re contained. One thing I like to do is to step away and examine them as an outsider, from a completely different perspective. In other words, get out of the trees and look at the whole […]

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