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Things To Remind Your Special Lady

Dear Men, I’ve been in my fair share of relationships, and knowing how to say the right things to your lady can most certainly help your relationships thrive. Not sure of what NOT to say? Check out our previous post on that here. Men, most women love romance. To be continually wooed and reminded of […]

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Dear Men… Don’t Be Gross

So… I love me some men. I have clearly expressed this in various articles (see here), but what I cannot and I mean I cannot stand, is a man that has these two things… 1. Dirty beard Don’t get me wrong, I’m #beardgang all day – trust! However, when I see a man with an awesome […]

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Don’t Stop Asking Why

I’ve been called a “disruptor” before, but I’ve never considered myself a “visionary.” To my surprise, I was recently called just that, and by colleagues about whom I might use the same term. Quite flattering, really. Meeting of Minds We met just outside of Washington, at the invitation of the NIH and CDC, to discuss what’s […]

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What Happens When Boys Become Men

Let’s talk for a moment about life cycles. Companies have them, markets have them, and products have them. The trajectories for many product life cycles generally progress through well-defined stages: Introduction, growth, maturity and decline. I dare say that as boys become men, their health care shows a remarkably similar curve. Men’s Health Lifecycle Don’t […]

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weight loss briberyAre There Masculine and Feminie Foods?

We all know the expression, “You are what you eat”: eat healthy foods and you’ll be healthy, eat unhealthy foods and you’ll be unhealthy. But when it comes to our perceptions of food, specifically what’s healthy and what isn’t, sex differences play a big role. And there’s another expression (one you probably haven’t heard until […]

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