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How to Make Sure Your Mental Health & Physical Fitness Are Complementary

In today’s world, many people are realizing that optimizing mental and physical well-being will play an integral role in generating health and happiness. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the time to consider which lifestyle changes you’ll need to implement for the purpose of ensuring that your mental health and physical fitness are […]

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men's mental healthMen’s Mental Health: Four Ways to Address Psychological Struggles

Mental illness affects men and women of all ages, but can be especially difficult with men. Depression, for instance, can take the form of anger rather than sadness. Traditional masculine roles also make it harder to admit weakness and seek help. However, there are ways for men to cope with mental problems. Value Success, Not […]

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Do You Know What Mental Illness Feels Like?

We often hear the clinical terms used by doctors and other professionals to identify the symptoms of mental illnesses…but if someone hasn’t gone through it, would they know how to recognize it? So often, clinical terms don’t do justice to what life with a mental illness feels like. We know that two people with the […]

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mental and physical health for a songMental and Physical Health: You Can Have It All For a Song

Just about everyone loves a good song. Whether you’re watching The X-Factor, The Voice, or Glee, or singing in a choir, a karaoke bar, the shower, your car, or on stage, there’s something almost magical about the combination of words and music. Actually, it’s more than magical. There’s a growing body of research suggesting that […]

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female ghostGhost Mothers and Ghost Lovers

Editor’s note: This post is part 3 in a 3 part series on the Mother-Son dynamic. Click here for the other posts in the series. The child who finds out, all too abruptly and too soon, that he cannot count on his mother’s strength to be there for him . . . feels he has only […]

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