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How to Help Men Live LongerHow to Help Men Live Longer

He was desperate, despondent and depressed. Both his life and marriage were falling apart, literally unraveling right in front of him. He mustered the strength to reach out and seek help. And he was cured of his disease. Sounds like the “C” word, eh? Nope, he was cured of the “I” word: Infertility.

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I Saved a Man and He Saved Me

I learned something today. Something really important. About how to stick to your guns, how use your gut. About what it really means to be a doctor. And, what’s funny is that I didn’t have to cure a man of cancer to learn this, but simply rid him of pain. A tech engineer, he hailed […]

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The Flipside of Living Forever

Name some issues brand new to this world in the last 100 years. How about nuclear war, environmental pollution and climate change? Medically, we can blame carpal tunnel syndrome on the typewriter or computer keyboard, and “automobile knee” on that awful car commute. Hard to know whether these marks on modern society are preferable to […]

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A Toast to the Jewels on World Vasectomy Day

You might think that publicly celebrating vasectomies is like celebrating root canals! But think about it. You have a root canal to relief pain and to be able to eat again, but you have vasectomy not only for you, but also for others, like family, and for the world at large. It’s taking one for […]

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MicroTESE vs. FNA Mapping: Medieval or Modern?

Put two experts in a room and give each of them the same problem to solve. What you’ll find is that they typically use similar “knowledge structures” and “heuristic strategies” (i.e. organized and principled thinking) and then proceed to break the problem into smaller, more digestible ones to solve it. But, despite similar cognitive approaches, the solutions […]

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