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Should Athletes Abstain from Sex Before the Big Game?Should Athletes Abstain from Sex Before the Big Game?

Pregame rituals are just as much a part of athletics as strength and conditioning. One such pregame ritual stopped me in my tracks. The New York Times article, “No, Sex Please. I Have a Game Tomorrow” was published after Seattle Seahawks Quarterback; Russell Wilson declared he would remain celibate during the 2015 NFL season. The theory is that athletes […]

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How to Treat Male Sexual DysfunctionHow to Treat Male Sexual Dysfunction

A wide variety of treatment options are available for male sexual dysfunction. You and your doctor will decide which treatment is best for you based on any number of factors. The National Institute of Health has approximated that 5% of 40-year-old-men between 15% and 25% of 65-year-old-men experience erectile dysfunction on a long-term basis. However, more commonly […]

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Are UTI’s Getting Harder to Treat?Are UTI’s Getting Harder to Treat?

Over prescription of antibiotics for infections has been a continuous issue in the healthcare community, even after the CDC declared antibiotic resistance as a serious health threat in the last few years. Researchers have called for a further intervention to stop unnecessary use of antibiotics, who are not likely to benefit from taking them. Treating these cases with […]

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penile injectionEdex: Penile Injection Therapy

Edex is a penile injection that is used to treat erectile dysfunction caused by conditions affecting nerves, blood vessels, emotions, and/or a combination of factors. It causes an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse in over 80% of men with erectile dysfunction, regardless of their age or the cause of their problem. Edex is an […]

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Tips For Men To Improve Sexual Function

Do you feel like your sexual function could use a boost? Fortunately, there are a number of ways men can enhance their sexual performance. This could be to either improve existing problems or find new ways to keep their partner happy. The good news is this can be done without the use of prescription medications […]

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