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Male “Prenatal” Vitamins: More Than Just a Pill

For how long have women been taking “prenatal” vitamins? Maybe a decade? Nope. A link between vitamin deficiency and pregnancy outcomes was postulated 70 years ago! And studies showing fewer neural tube defects in babies following maternal folic acid supplementation are now almost 40 years old. Indeed, prenatal vitamins have become a clutch player in the world of preventative medicine. […]

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vision healthSimple Habits for Men to Maintain Their Eye Health

You work out at the gym, eat healthy and always take your vitamins to stay healthy. You may think you are doing enough, but chances are you aren’t paying enough attention to your eyes. To protect your eyes, include these simple habits in your routine: Unplug From Your Screens Are you constantly on your computer […]

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Vitamin D may prevent prostate cancer growth

Researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center have found that vitamin D can help block a protein that causes prostate tumors to grow. Published in the journal Prostate, they discovered that inflammation may be the link between vitamin D and prostate cancer. They found that the gene GDF-15 – known to be up-regulated by […]

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More Reasons to Get a (Vitamin) D in NutritionMore Reasons to Get a (Vitamin) D in Nutrition

A few months ago we talked about how Vitamin D affects our health in so many ways—and how the many problems a D deficiency can cause or exacerbate. And the list goes on…

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