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Things To Remind Your Special Lady

Dear Men, I’ve been in my fair share of relationships, and knowing how to say the right things to your lady can most certainly help your relationships thrive. Not sure of what NOT to say? Check out our previous post on that here. Men, most women love romance. To be continually wooed and reminded of […]

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weight loss briberyAre There Masculine and Feminie Foods?

We all know the expression, “You are what you eat”: eat healthy foods and you’ll be healthy, eat unhealthy foods and you’ll be unhealthy. But when it comes to our perceptions of food, specifically what’s healthy and what isn’t, sex differences play a big role. And there’s another expression (one you probably haven’t heard until […]

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does size matter?The Problem of the Penis

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself. – Mark Twain Power. Prestige. Masculinity. These parts of our culture are attributed to men and have also been associated with the commonly avoided topic of the penis. Why does penis size matter? Many men might feel that women go for the guys who are […]

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He Really IS Listening…

Tired of the cold? Tired of brown snow? Good, because spring is one short week away. So, what’s your plan for sticking with that exercise plan you resolved to start on New Years? Here’s a hint: partner up! Behind the Man We all know that the biggest readers of the men’s health manual are…partners. Coupled men […]

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Need a Valentine’s Day Gift For The Man In Your Life? Get Him Screened For Prostate Cancer

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many women will be searching the perfect gift to give their man that shows them how much they truly care about and love them. Well, what’s better than a gift to make sure he’s going to be around for a while? Being that prostate cancer is the second most common […]

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